Yu-Gi-Oh card shop

*This is closed because I can’t keep up with all of them*

this is all u need

  • what you want the title to be
  • what you want the description to be
  • what pic do you want on it thats all here are a few samples



67 Responses to Yu-Gi-Oh card shop

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  2. jnxsmaster says:

    can you make me a YU Gi Oh card.

    • rahuu says:

      sure just tell me the following
      *what you want the title to be
      *what you want the description to be
      *what pic do you want on it thats all here are a few samples

  3. drasher16 says:

    i want the pic to be horns on a weight lift and i want the escription to be you will definetly be a pipsqueak compared to him. i want the title to be cauliflower horns

  4. powerball01 says:

    good idea!!!!
    powerball the 1st card recipiant
    ALL HAIL POWERBALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. cyclon says:

    can u make me one……pit would be my playercard….decesription will be……a cyclone tornoedo will smash the opponent with a huge blast!!! the title will be The deadly cyclon. thx rahuu.

  6. tvshow says:

    make me a card!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!~

    • rahuu says:

      sure! just tell me
      *what you want the title to be
      *what you want the description to be
      *what pic do you want on it thats all
      tell me in a comment 😉

  7. Bartyfarty says:

    I want mine to be me as a Stretch

    • rahuu says:

      u need to tell me this stuff
      *what you want the title to be
      *what you want the description to be
      *what pic do you want on it thats all

  8. webosaursoptimas says:

    make me one it will be name:master of llamas pic:my player card description:watch out for his three llama powers!!!.optimasmaster of llamas

  9. webosaursoptimas says:

    awesome job

  10. jmhl201 says:

    hey rahuu could you make me one
    description saying:if you met codenameshadohead be friends with him
    picture:my dinosaur wearing a bone armor

  11. title:King of the NITROS!
    description:beware of the tornado nitro!
    picture:my player card

  12. bartyfarty says:

    l want:
    *A picture of my Dino(Stretch)
    *In the Nano Lab(landscape)
    *Title is Bartyfarty
    *Description can it say:”BARTYFARTY THE FARTY OF HISTORY!”

  13. Rahuu says:

    ok ill make when i see u

  14. darmowy says:

    Im searching for sites related to this. Glad I found you. Thanks

  15. Aquawarrior98 says:

    picture: meh
    title: Aqua The Awesome
    description: Give Aqua your pie!

  16. skacwebo says:

    heres what i want :
    *me as a rexxy (im in that form now)
    *in the Giant Umbrella , Understory Layer
    Title sKAC
    Description sKAC will help you !
    (i want to be roaring)

  17. skacwebo says:

    no i want the discripioin to say SKACS WEBOSAURS GUIDES!

  18. randomlolwebo says:

    Can you make me one, Rahuu?
    Title: Random- The Master of Cheese!
    Caption: RandomLOL is the queen of all things awesome…
    Pic: Me as a pterry with the crazy emote and flexing!

  19. dukster says:

    Yo its me Duk i want one.
    Title:Duk-The Bacon Eating Rubber Ducky
    Caption:Duk aka Rubber Ducky LUVS Bacon
    Pic:Rubber Ducky holding bacon

  20. randomlolwebo says:

    one more- title randomlol is the QUEEN!
    caption-randomlol is so random shes AQUEEN!
    the red queen from alice and wonderland but my pterry head

  21. randomlolwebo says:

    no the caption is ME WANT CHEESEEE!

  22. dishsoap says:

    NAME:golden armor king
    DESCRIPTION:dino/partier dino loves two party yet still brutal
    WHAT PIC:rexxy wereing golden armor danceing

  23. Rahuu says:

    it will have to wait till the dance action comes out 😉

  24. choo85 says:

    haha funny tutu horns haha good chill and rah hehe 8)

  25. roborexxy says:

    ummm rahuu if its not too much troble can you make me one i want to becalled roborexxy king of robots.and i want it to be said at the bottem part he is the king of robots and for the pic which will be just me roaring so if you get a chance plz make me one

  26. choo85 says:

    brownies lol : – )

    • Rahuu says:

      Rexeruz please tell me what you want in it and stuff

      this is all u need
      what you want the title to be
      what you want the description to be
      what pic do you want on it thats al

  27. electrodude says:

    I want one-

    Put my player Card pic and write-
    Tittle-Ultimate Dude
    Feel the power of Dude and His Electricity.

  28. ashgar says:

    Name: ruler of the llama eating badgers Pic: my player card description: the llama kings worst night mare

  29. ranno says:

    hey rah plz make one of meeeeeeeeee

  30. ranno says:

    hey rah plz make one of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    [Tell me this info
    what you want the title to be
    what you want the description to be
    what pic do you want on it thats all
    after you do I can make it]

  31. ranno says:

    by profile i mean player card

  32. ranno says:

    ur the best rah same as jiro

  33. Rexeruz says:

    I Need One!

    Rexeruz,The Booger King

    Desc:Boogers Lie With Him,The Power Of Boogers!,WAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  34. timmo123 says:

    firs of all i would like

    *pic of my webo [horns]

    *name i want it to say HULK!!!!!

    *desc stay away btw this is warning!

    PLZZZZZZ thnkz

  35. timmo123 says:

    oh and backround i would like bucklands peak

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  37. choo85 says:

    ok heres mine
    pic: my player card

    title: choo85

    desc: choo85 he is really really very awesome

  38. Isa1 says:

    Me and PIE i want my player card if you cant get me that. I am a lover of PIE
    Title: Isa1 the pie lover
    Pic: Me and Pie
    Descript: Isa1 is the Master of PIE

  39. Ilikebugs says:

    It will be called Veggie Stretch.
    Description:Feel the power of Stretch and all his veggies.
    Picture:Stretch Eating veggies.

  40. webosaurskingnick says:

    Here is mine!

    What i want the title to be: KingNick Command!
    What the description is: Do you dare not listen to KingNick’s Command! If you don’t you will lose all your health!
    What i want the pic to be: A pic of horns wearing lava armor! And put my username on the bottom of the picture!



  41. Firefox9 says:

    Say Make me one!

    Title: Firefox9
    descript: Firey wrath of FIREFOX!!!
    picture: A fox and me

  42. Isa1 says:

    You are reallly good at these! How did you make them? (I’m not asking for one)


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