Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

1.Gushing Geyser-Giraffe 

2.Hillside Canopy-Temnospondyli

3.Dino Dunes- Rexxy

4.Croc Penninsula- Yes

5.Forest Floor- Baryonyx

6.Carnivorous Cavern- Pliny Moody

7.Bucklands Peak- Cameroceras

8.Prairie Pool- HADROSAURS

9.Webo Ridge- Tsintaosaurus

10.Camposaurus Canvas Tent in Sub Alpine Forest- Anchisaurus

And the prize is…

What are you?!



Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

1.Gushing Geyser- Yizhousaurus sunae

2.Sub Alpine Forest- Pterry

3.Soggy Bottom Swamp- Horns

4.Dino Dunes- Apatosaurus

5.Prairie Pool- 200 Million Years

6.Webo Ridge- Critter Pie

7.Hillside Canopy- Cretaceous

8.Carnivorous Cavern- Insectris

9.Camposaurus Canvas Tent In Sub Alpine Forest- Karaoke

10.Forest Floor- Dino-eating Monsters


Scavenger hunt cheats: Boo! Weboween is almost here!

Here are the cheats:

1.Gushing Geyser- Seven Hundred

2.Webo Ridge- Blog Entry Contest

3.Forest Floor- Fifty Million Years

4.Buckland’s Peak- Comedy Night

5.Croc Peninsula- Therizinosaurus

6.Prairie Pool- Stretch and Rexxy

7.Carnivorous Cavern- Sub Alpine Forest

8.Camposaurus’ Canvas Tent in Sub Alpine Forest- The Beach

9.Secret Temple in Dino Dunes- Boom Box Player

10. Soggy Bottom Swamp- Spike

Member Item
Non-member Item


Scavenger hunt cheats-Spooky Lights

1.Gushing Geyser- Weboween

2.Soggy Bottom Swamp- Rexxy

3.Sub Alpine Forest- Yunnan

4.Prairie Pool- Stokeosaurus

5.Carnivorous Cavern- Stokeosaurus

6.Camposaurus Canvas Tent In Sub Alpine Forest- Sun vs. Moon

7.Tonto Plateau- Rexxy

8.Croc Peninsula- Rexxy

9.Dino Dunes- Rexxy roast

10.Bucklands Peak- Rexxy

The prize is… A Firefly Light!!!!!!!!


Scavenger Hunt Cheat-Lemon-ey!

Hey Dinos! Here are the answers to the new Egg Hunt:

Gushing Geyser: Panda Fang

Prairie Pool: Mio

Bucklands Peak: Stokeosaurus Town Store

Croc Peninsula: Arcade Room

Sub-Alpine Forest: Soggy Bottom Swamp

Dino Dunes: Mochlodon Theater

Tonto Plateau: Pizza Party

Hillside Canopy: Dino Match

Webo Ridge:  Stretch

Forest Floor: Giant Umbrella

And Look What you get!:

Yay! You now have Lemonade!


Scavenger Hunt Cheats!-Sit Back and relax

  1. Gushing Geyser – Pterry
  2. Soggy Bottom Swamp – Dakosaurus
  3. Carniverous Cavern – Tao Temple
  4. Prairie Pool –  October 3
  5. Dino Dunes – Duster’s Hangout
  6. Sub Alpine Forest – Vesuvius Shop
  7. Sanoran Sands – Rumble Rocks Cave
  8. Webo Ridge – Lizard Lounge
  9. Hillside Canopy – Taco
  10. Forest Floor – Food And Poo’d Pet Shop

You get a MEGA awesome COMPLETELY bluggin’ item…A INFLATEABLE CHAIR!


This easily is the best Webosaurs Item ever! (even better than the diet swamp juice!)

~from smurfy

Scavenger Hunt Cheats!- BBQ Time

1.Gushing Geyser-Mio

2.Buckland’s Peak-Quetzalcoatlus

3.Dino Dunes-Art Shack

4.Voodoo Hideaway in Soggy Bottom Swamp-Argentinosaurus

5.Camposaurus Canvas Tent in Sub Alpine Forest-Patagonian Power Lifting

6.Forest Floor–Edmarka’s Town Store

7.Tonto Plateau–Sauroposeidon

8.Carniverous Cavern–Stokeosaurus Town Store

9.Croc Peninsula–Gushing Geyser

10.Hillside Canopy–Moschops

11.Webo Ridge-Yes

12.Soggy Bottom Swamp-Tacos

The item is…

A BBQ Grill!


Scavenger Hunt Cheats Blastoff!

1.Gushing Geyser- Two

2.Soggy Bottom Swamp- Mauisaurus

3.Sub Alpine Forest- Hatzegotpteryx

4.Buckland’s Peak- Megalodon

5.Stokesaurus Town Store in Sanoran Sands- Therizinosaurus

6.Tree Fort in Croc Peninsula- Isisaurus

7.Edmarka’s Town Store in Gushing Geyser- Utahraptor

8.Supersaurus Den in Forest Floor-Ankylosaurus


Scavenger hunt cheats 08/17/10

1:Gushing Geyser-Geologic Time Scale

2:Soggy Bottom Swamp-Quaternary

3:Camposaurus Canvas Tent (Sub-Alpine Forest)-Chalky

4:Hillside Canopy- Carboniferous

5:Carnivourous Cavern- Mesozoic

6:Putt Putt Hutt (Gushing Geyser)- Cenozoic

7:Tao Temple(Sub-Alpine Forest)- Jurassic

8:Jungle Beach- Cambrian

Congratulations! You won a coconut tree anime!


Scavenger hunt cheats 07/26/10

1.Gushing Geyser- Giant Walking Stick

2.Ole Smithy’s Armory(Croc Peninsula)- Fairyflies

3.Forest Floor- Termites

4.Wild Walkersaurus Bunker(Sanoran Sands)- Arthropoda

5.Mocolodon Theater(Croc Peninsula)- Exoskeleton

6.Prairie Pool- Bees

7.Longosaurus Log Store(Sub Alpine Forest)- Metamorphosis

8.Tonto Plateau- Mosquitos

9.Soggy Bottom Swamp- Brazilian wandering spider

10.Lizard Lounge(Webo Ridge)- Monarch Butterfly

11.Vesuvius Shop(Carnivorous Cavern)- Thorax

12. Putt-Putt Hut(Gushing Geyser)- Abdomen

The prize is a….Bug Zapper Anim!

Scav Hunt Cheats 7/14/10

1.Gushing Geyser – Blogosaurs
2.Tree Fort (Croc Peninsula) – Coprolites
3.Carnivorous Cavern – Protectosaurs
4.Secret Temple (Dino Dunes) – Leviathan Melvillei
5. Forest Floor – Comedy Night
6.Edmarka’s Town Store (Gushing Geyser) – Soggy Bottom Swamp
7.Dr. Nanosaurus’ Secret Lab (Hillside Canopy) – Plesiosaurs
8.Sanoran Sands – Mystical Banana
9.Tao Temple (Sub Alpine Forest) – Flyboy
10.Buckland’s Peak – Sunflower

the prize is a sunflower!

Scav Hunt Cheats6/28/10

1. gushing geyser- webo’s got talent

2. soggy bottom swamp- understory layer

3. tao temple(sub alpine forest)- forest floor

4. forest floor- koolasuchus

5.rumble rocks cave(prairie pool)- anchor

6. buckland’s peak- psittacosaurus

7. mocholodon theater(croc peninsula)- gushing geyser

8. sanoran sands- remote controlled car

9. prairie pool- rexxy

10. ultrasaurus tiki lounge(hillside canopy)- jungle beach

11. camposaurus canvas tent(sub alpine forest)- protectosaurs

12. dino dunes- swamp juice

13. ole smithy’s armory(croc peninsula)- gold

14. jungle beach- summer

Scav hunt cheats 6/2/10

1)gushing geyser-insects

2)composaurus canvas tenet(sub alpine forest)-monarch

3) supersaurus den(forest floor)-maggot

4)buckland’s peack-bees

5)croc penninsula-honey

6)rolling hills chamber(prairie pool)-whip scorpion

7)dino dunes-atlas moth

8)soggy bottom swamp-insectris

9)lizard lounge(webo ridge)-Arthropleura

10)ultrasaurus tiki lounge(hillside canopy)-Arthropoda

11)rumble rocks cave (pairie pool) – shoo bug

12)hadrosaurus shop (forest floor) –  ants

13) tonto plateau – soldier

14)sanoran sands – morganucodon

Scav hunt cheats 5/17/10

1.gushing geyser-Angiosperms

2.soggy bottom swamp-nigel marven

3.duster’s hangout(sonoran sands)-sauropods

4.camposaurus canvas tent(sub alpine forest)-vesuvius shop

5.bucklands peack-pahoehoe

6.understory layer-carnivorous cavern

7.tao temple(sub alpine forest)-archaeoceratops

8.hillside canopy-ole smithy

9. Jurassic fort(webo ridge)-elasmosaurus

10.prairie pool-yes

11.forest floor-mochlodon theater

12. rolling hills chamber(prairie pool)-meowisaurus

April 22, 2010

Here are the cheats for the Three cheers for the toadstool hunt!

1. Gushing Geyser- Sub Alpine Forest

2. Supersaurus Den(Forest Floor)- Art Shack

3. Sanoran Sands- Tree Fort

4. Rumble Rocks Cave- Prairie Pool

5. Camposaurus Canvas Tent(Sub Alpine Forest)- Ice Age

6. Tonto Plateau- Sanoran Sands

7. Edmarka’s Town Store(Gushing Geyser)- Leather

8. Secret Temple(Dino Dunes)- Dino Species

9. Prairie Pool- Rexxy and Horns

10. Hillside Canopy- Rainforest

The item is Spring Mushrooms!

4/14/10 cheats

1.Gushing Geyser- Jurassic Fort

2.Voodoo Hideaway(Soggy Bottom Swamp)- Current critters

3.Hillside Canopy- Horns

4.Rolling Hills Chamber(Prairie Pool)- Stretch

5.Carnivorous Cavern- Prairie Pool

6.Tao Temple(Sub Alpine Forest)- Edmarka

7.Dino Dunes- Swamp Juice

8.Tree Fort(Croc Peninsula)- Secret Temple

9.Golf Shop(Gushing Geyser)- Patagonian Powerlifting

10.Buckland’s Peak- Rumble Rocks Cave

11.Wild Walkersaurus Bunker(Sanoran Sands)- Tutu

12. Pet Shop(Understory Layer)-Yes




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