Daily Dino Fact: Mighty Mosasaur

Hey gang, our Weekly Dino Fact comes to us today via Spyro008. Spy featured some information on her blog about the amazing (and scary!) Mosasaur, so by request we’re going to have a Mosasaur post as well. If you’d like to see Spy’s Daily Dino Fact you can check it out here.

Mosasaur might look kind of like a fish, but it’s actually a lizard. In fact, Mosasaur means ‘River Lizard’ in Latin and were closely related to snakes. They were incredibly hardy and were the dominant marine predators during the last 20 million years of the Cretaceous AFTER super aquatic predators Ichthyosaurus and Pliosaurs became extinct. As Spy’s blog shows, Mosasaurs had a body shape very similar to that of modern day monitor lizards, only a lot bigger and much more frightening.


How much bigger were Mosasaurs than Monitor Lizards? A lot bigger, a Monitor lizard might be about 1 meter long and Mosasaurs could get to be as big as 17.5 meters long. That’s HUGE, you definitely want to get out of the pool when Mosasaur is swimming laps! Another cool fact about Mosasaurs is that they had a double-hinged jaw and flexible skull, a lot like a snakes, this enabled them to eat their prey almost whole. Underwater. Yeah. Mosasaurs truly were THE underwater predator of the late Cretaceous, thanks again to Spy for featuring this amazing beast. What do you think about Mosasaurs? What super-interesting dinos would you like to see featured on the blog soon? Leave your comments and maybe I’ll write about your dino next week! WoOt!


WOW! Check the LARGE Mosasaur!


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Webosaurs Costume Party – Sunday

Look out now! 

Hey Webo-crew! As you may have noticed there has recently been an update on Webosaurs Island! Wearable Items, New Skeleton Fossil Magic and Badges are all now active, so if you haven’t checked them out you’d better get over to Webosaurs and play with the latest! To celebrate these awesome Wearable Items, we’re going to be having a Webosaurs Costume Party this Sunday at 10:00 am WST. Even if you don’t have any Wearable Items you can still dress up in a wacky combination of armor, but I do expect to see a large number of capes, mohawks, masks and kicks making their way around the party. I can’t wait to see how we all decide to dress-up, I just hope I can recognize you all! Don’t forget that we’re still not sure what type of party we’re going to have on Friday, currently Findmeosaur Party is in the lead, but there’s still time to vote! I can’t wait for the weekend! WOOT!

Where: Forest Floor

When: Tuesday, November 21st – 10:00 WST

Server: Jurassic

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Webosaurs Badges!

Can much can YOU toot?

Webosaurs Badges are here! Webosaurs Badges are a very cool new way to explore Webosaurs Island. I won’t give away too much and let you discover the Badge System for yourself, but as you go around the Island and achieve certain tasks, like farting a WHOLE lot or being REALLY good at Webosaurs Games, different Badges will unlock and display themselves on your Player Card.

Also you can check out the Badges you’ve already unlocked and what you’re yet to achieve by going to the Badges Tab on your Player Profile. Can you be the first one to unlock all of the Badges? Can you figure out what you have to do to unlock each one? What are you waiting for? Make your way around Webosaurs Island and get to unlocking your Badges NOW!



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Comic Contest

Hey gang, check it out! Webosaurs-Rockstar Rah recently started creating a Weekly Weboaurs Comic on his blog Webosaurs Expert (check it out here) and it gave me the best idea for our next contest. For the next week, until next Friday 11/26, we’re going to be having a Webosaurs Comic Contest! These can be done with screen shots like Rah’s or you can draw them by hand if you want, but after next Friday the best comic strips will be judged and the prizes will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies designed by Webosaurs’ very own Walnut especially for this contest. I know how creative and smart our Webosaurs users are so I am really looking forward to seeing some amazing comics for this contest. You can submit your Comic as a comment on this blog or here on the forum. Also, just a reminder that today is the last day to enter your cave into our Extreme Weather Cave Contest, starting tomorrow Horns will be going through the caves and judging them, so last second contestants should enter ASAP!



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Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

1.Gushing Geyser-Giraffe

2.Hillside Canopy-Temnospondyli

3.Dino Dunes- Rexxy

4.Croc Penninsula- Yes

5.Forest Floor- Baryonyx

6.Carnivorous Cavern- Pliny Moody

7.Bucklands Peak- Cameroceras

8.Prairie Pool- HADROSAURS

9.Webo Ridge- Tsintaosaurus

10.Camposaurus Canvas Tent in Sub Alpine Forest- Anchisaurus

And the prize is…

What are you?!
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New Blogosaur Meetings!

Hey gang, great ideas are always swirling around Webosaurs and we try to implement all of the best ones! As you may know Protectosaurs and dinos that are interested in joining the Protectosaurs Program meet twice every Tuesday to discuss Island issues and announce new members. I’m happy to announce that we are now going to have similarly styled meetings on Fridays for blogosaurs and dinos that are interested in starting their own blogs or becoming authors. So if you’re available and interested come on out to our new Blogosaur Meetings this Friday! w00t!

Where: Lizard Lounge

When: Friday, November 19th – 12:00 WST and 16:00 WST

Server: Cretaceous

– Mio

We have done one other blogosaurs meetings but that wasn’t weekly but now I think it is cool right?!


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Player’s Choice Party – Friday

What will it be?

Hey gang, we’ve had some awesome parties recently on Webosaurs Island, but I thought this week I’d let the the dinos choose! That’s right, we’re going to have a Player’s Choice Party this Friday and it’s going to be great… I can’t yet say where we’ll be or what we’ll be doing, but I do know that whatever we’ll doing will be a blast because the most bluggin’ dinos on the planet will be there. I’ve got a couple of ideas of what might go down, so vote on your favorite and then we’ll make it happen. Also if you have any specifications or a write-in vote, leave a comment. Make sure to check the comments and if you like what someone else has put there, vote for that! Woot I can’t wait for the weekend!

The selections for what to vote for are:

Comedy Night

Quiz Night

Findmeosaur party

Write-in Answer





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