How To Get Actions!

Hey guys,

This is the new actions guide I just made. Here is the guide!
Step 1 : First you have to go to Sub Alpine Forest.
Step 2 : Once you are there go to the “Dojo”.
Step 3 : Now that you are there all you have to do it click the “buy” button and you will
have the item!
Step 4 : To use the action you have bought click the actions button on the bottom right of your screen.
Step 5 : Now just click the action that you want to use and you will do the action.
Here is the list of what actions are free for the different dinosaur species.
Stretch: Jump Kick, Special, Flex, Fart
Horns: Fart, Special, Jump Kick, Jump
Rexxy: Burp, Ground Smash, Flex, Jump
Pterry: Burp, Ground Smash, Fart
I hope you liked this guide!

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