Funny pics

lol I went through all that trouble climbing um the metal on top of the lava river that is 2000 degrees and I could reach the armor rip-off lol!

lol I went through all that trouble climbing um the metal on top of the lava river that is 2000 degrees and I could reach the armor rip-off lol!

(click to enlarge)

the truth about tutus!

look at this news i uncovered

(click to read text better)

cool news right?

yea thats the real truth


bad worms 
didnt do it
to hot
fire wont start
the great totem(click to enlarge)

Look what i saw

So heres the story i was on webo and i was exploring the island and i saw this i quickly took a pic the weird part is little fang was not in the pet shop and there was a puffle!

(click to enlarge)

Check this out

Hey dinos look at this so i was logging on as rahuusaurus and this glitch happened look at it its crazy


look lol i edited that :P

Funny pic[edited by rahuu]

(click to enlarge) hope u like it!


From Rahuu

Egg Head Pic I made

Webosaurs Yu-Gi-Oh Cards


lol(have to read the hole thing)

there once was a dino named rahuu who could never fall asleep when his dad was in his cave so one day his dad said sing me a song so rahuu said

after many times of this rahuusdad fell asleep and rahuu was awake



33 Responses to Funny pics

  1. stevedog says:

    cool/ funny lol

  2. powerball01 says:

    can u make me a yu-gi-oh plz

  3. powerball01 says:

    i want it to be called
    and want it to say
    mess with the POWER get the BALL!!!!!

    power thx

  4. dukster says:


  5. randomlolwebo says:

    😀 So funny!

  6. silver6 says:

    this is madness!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mcgoose says:

    lol the ones i made arnt that funny:( but what ever

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  9. skacwebo says:

    u sorta stole/used the rock idea me and HS did for a funny pic :/

  10. skacwebo says:

    The one about the rock the rock i said i am a talking rock……………………………….

  11. choo85 says:

    hi its me rahuu your blogs awsome i love the yu gi oh cards shop and the ultiment tutu horns is great i love your blob so much ok plz reply and the last funny pic about the story is awesome hehe hope i see u on webosaurs again – choo85

  12. choo85 says:

    hi rahuu i love your blog its great i liked the funny ppics there funny the lonly pet poo is awesome i liked the yu gi oh card shop aswell its cool i love your blog its awesome hope we meet on webosaurs again maybe even on comady night hehe – choo85 8)

  13. ranno says:

    funny story rah love it how it keeps going on and on and on. also love the blog its cool how you did the webosaur yu gi oh cards lol (h) awsome pics like when you couldnt reach the moulton armor and the lonly pet poop i hope we can see each other webo and hang out sometime on webo its also cool how you put chat on the blog to its great to chat with other peeps and all the coin codes anyway gotta go bye

    p.s (h) blog

  14. ranno says:

    hey rah can you make a yu gi oh card about me plz

  15. rowsy says:

    My favorite one is the one where Horns says, “Help! I’m melting!” lol

  16. timmo123 says:

    how do ya take pics when playing webosaurs

  17. Isa1 says:

    who is rahuusaurus is it reall y a mod

  18. Isa1 says:

    i meant to say really lol

  19. timmo123 says:

    how do you take pics

  20. Isa1 says:

    oh my gosh these pictures just get funnier!!! they always make me laugh!!!

  21. Primes21 says:

    Darn is it april fools in this?

  22. webosaurskingnick says:

    Hhahahahah! Lol funny pics!

  23. omegahorns says:

    hey guys 🙂

  24. devonocity says:


  25. devonocity says:

    p.s.- chumchum233-

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