Fossil Magic Guide

In this page I will show you fossil magic and how to use it!

That was the guide from Webosaurs.

Here are what you can do with fossil magic

You can gas someone

You can put gas on someone
You can make someone glow
You can give people mojo (it makes you glow for a second when you get gifted mojo)
Sheild Protects you from dinos using fossil magic on you (to turn it of click the shield button again)
You can make someone small
You can make someone grow

To use fossil magic you have to buy it

First go to Sanoran Sands on your map

Then you to the Fossil Magic Store

Fossil Magic Store Entrance

This is the store

Fossil Magic Store

You can buy the magic moves by finding them on the walls :D

You can buy mojo at the store or wherever you are using your fossil magic button
Mojo gauge

When your mojo gauge runs out you won’t be able to use fossil magic unless you buy more mojo or just wait your mojo comes back by itself but if you are a member it will come back faster :)

Fossil magic bar

click a magic and then you get this aimer it looks the same as the one for the mystical banana power

Fossil magic aimer

just click the dino you want to use magic on and they will be changed to whatever you changed them to!

fossil magic is for members but if you are a non member you can just get “shrink”

And thats the Guide!



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  1. kingden says:

    how im not member

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