Dino Surf Guide

How To Get Dino Surf On Your Phone


1.Go to the “app store”.

2.Go to the “search” section on it and type in Dino Surf.

3.Select the “app” with the logo that has horns on it.

4. It will take you to the page in this picture:were it says “install” on your “device” it will show as free tap that then tap install and you will have dino surf.

5.Wait for the load bar: turn from that into this: and then you can use the app.

Getting Started

1.When you open Dino Surf this screen will appear:in about 5 seconds that screen should turn into this: .

2.On this screen: tap “new game”.

3.Once you tap “new game” this screen: will appear select the character you want to be in the game and proseed to the next step.

4.Now you should be on this screen: type in your name: and click “play!”and you will start playing(scroll down to the botton of this guide to see how to play).

5.If you have a saved game(it automatically saves)tap the “load game” button on this screen: then it will take you to a screen that looks something like this: select the file you want to play and tap “play!” and you will start were you left of.

6. When you beat the game you get a promo code from Webosaurs on your device. To use your promo code go to Webosaurs and on the right hand side of the screen there are a few buttons you will see click on the one that looks like a present box then type in the code and you will get 1000 coins to spend on armor or items for your cave!

type the code in the white space provided then click on the check mark






Instructions From Webosaurs

ⓒ 2010 of Webosaurs Expert!



2 Responses to Dino Surf Guide

  1. Isa1 says:

    Does it get you real coins on webosaurs? That would be cool.

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