How To Change Ur Dino [HD]

How To Do The Armor Glitch [HD]

fun glitch

lolz look at the funny glitch

this is how you do the glitch

first you open your profile then

on the url type this then

the glitch will happen

also dont close the profile leave it open and then type in and it will be there 😉

the following glitches are fixed


1)go to Jungle Beach and click there

2) type this in the url box

3) TaDa!t


1)stand here 

2)in the url box type this in and click enter or return key

3)heres where u end up  ;)this was especially for rausrul who asked me how to do it!

If u don’t want to find the letters here is the url just copy and past it at were it says here it is : ,



11 Responses to Glitches

  1. ignodude says:

    i’ve tryed them both and they worked.
    thx man.

  2. frazer44 says:

    that is pure mint rahuu

  3. mcgoose says:

    i cant get them to work

  4. mcgoose says:

    nvm i got them to work the link was like messed up

  5. isa says:

    who these really work i did the change dino clitch and on my account it copied the armour too! (kinda like the armour glitch

  6. isa says:

    except i dont have membership 😦

  7. Screechie says:

    Theres an easier way how to get into little fangs cage. If your a pterry, fly over and do an action.

  8. isa1 says:

    you know if you have pterry and you have special it makes you invisible

  9. Awsome289 says:

    im full of memberships at home so if you need one add me on webosaurs


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