35 Responses to Chat

  1. rahuu says:

    Comment what you think of my chat below

  2. Bartyfarty says:

    Yo Rahuu it’s cool

  3. mcgoose says:


  4. randomlolwebo says:

    cool chat 🙂

  5. pterryosorus says:

    COOL but how to put a chat on a blog!?!?!?!?

  6. Irvine says:

    Hi Rahuu, can i ask for help? but promise don’t do it if you doesn’t time… i will post another comment when you’re ready


  7. Antonio 3463 says:

    Its Increible Rahuu! =)

  8. ashgar says:

    cool chat

  9. choo85 says:

    its awsome rah hehe

  10. spyro008 says:

    How do you get chat? (P.S. im cynder008 but im on diffrent wordpress account.)

  11. choo85 says:

    ok hi hello rah hi hello bla bla im bored

  12. ranno says:

    AWSOME chat box its(h) how you get to talk to your buds without have to go on webo instead you can just chat here AWSOME


  13. choo85 says:

    im sorry i like u and your blog rahuu i am sorry do u forgive me i like u still

  14. choo85 says:

    i still like u rah cool posts and stuff your chat is awesome im sorry so much really

  15. ashgar says:

    rahuu choo banned me for no reason

  16. choo85 says:

    sorry my little bro was messin around

  17. masterbeak says:

    hello ashgar uthere

  18. Isa1 says:

    its cool rahuu 😀

  19. choo85 says:

    cool chat rahuu and chill and overs lol

  20. webosaurskingnick says:

    Best webosaurs chat ever!

  21. jiro says:

    choo sorry about our blog currently working on the new blog
    please visit soon will be even better than this one we got at mo it sucks our current one got closed but yeah revising for blog

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