Join us

Here are the steps that you have to do to become an author.

  • Make a WordPress account at if you already have one thats ok too
  • Then write a comment on this page answering this question:Are you gonna post? and using the email you used to make the WordPress
  • thats all just wait till I see it and and when i do i will make you an author.


P.S if you have no posts after a long time that you were added as an author I will take you of the authors list and you won’t be able to post or anything for this blog


53 Responses to Join us

  1. vgmwebosaurs says:

    I will join your blog

  2. jnxsmaster says:

    hello rahuu I want to apply to be an author.

  3. pbcp says:

    hey i wanna be an author!!!!

  4. pbcp says:

    hey if this dont work well i dont know but nvm lol

  5. Bartyfarty says:

    Yo Rahuu can I be a Author u said yes on chat thnx 😀 😀

  6. Bartyfarty says:

    Rahuu I mean add me as bartyfarty1 not Bartyfarty!!!! LOLZ

  7. pterrytwo says:

    cann you plz make me a author im srry for wut happendend plz forgive me can you plz make me a arthour

  8. Bartyfarty1 says:

    Rahuu plz make me a author as bartyfarty1 on Bartyfarty ok?

  9. Bartyfarty1 says:

    Rahuu make me a author of ur blog as Bartyfarty1

  10. jmhl201 says:

    rahuu I am gonna post at least once a week

  11. jmhl201 says:

    rahuu psl make me

  12. bartyfarty says:

    P ya Rahuu I remembered my pass for u can add bartyfarty not bartyfarty1

  13. reavenge says:

    i’ll join

  14. um can i be an aouthor i have a blog but i might be cancleing that one my cp sites still up so ill join this one i might also keep the webo cheats up to so idk but i wanna join this one so can i im not despret tho 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. wait nvm i dont have aN ACCOUNT SRRY

  16. sKACwebo says:

    Can i become an author?
    I will post
    email ********************
    [ I took away the email for saftey or whatever reason rex does it XD]

  17. lazerdude24 says:

    Can I Please Be An Author!

  18. Spyro008 says:

    not sure if u can add meh! lol

  19. cynder008 says:

    its activated.

  20. skacwebo says:

    what is the DSA For?? besides in my scool ppl arnt aloud to have clubs and stuff cuz it will make ppl feel sad cuz they CANT join and i am right

  21. Ronaldinho1 says:

    Can i join your blog?

    Dino age— 1 month old
    E-mail —–
    Why i’m want to join——-sharing ideas

  22. Dangerousdragon says:

    Hey guys! imma try and post as much as i can… if i dont post, i might be busy with school or somethin 🙂

  23. Chillsaurus says:

    Hey rahuu I wanna join the blog! here are my details

    Dino Age:I year old
    Why I want to join your blog: Because were making a blog together.

  24. Heres my real wordpress email i think

  25. trodin says:

    Hey Rahuu

    Dino Age: 1 year
    Why: Because where making a blog together!!!!

  26. webosaurscoolmojo says:

    Hey i wanna be an author
    dino age: 1 year
    Webosaurs name: Coolmojo

  27. brian250 says:

    hey rahuu do you remember me?

  28. masterbeak says:

    could u apply me by send the application

  29. choo85 says:

    ill never join ideotic rah

  30. choo85 says:

    im fine now and tell master beak ok dude im fine

  31. choo85 says:

    im still your friend rah

  32. masterbeak says:

    send the application

  33. Rexeruz says:

    Ill Join Rahuu
    [Congrats! You are now an author of Webosaurs Expert!]

  34. webosaurskingnick says:

    Hey Dude can i re-join your blog because i made a new wordpress account! Since i changed my user!

  35. Garaltsu88 says:

    Hey Rahuu can I be in?

    Please Reply if you have time.
    I think i can post once in three days or a week maybe.


  36. Garaltsu88 says:

    I hope i can be in cause’ your blog is the best ever!!!!


  37. Garaltsu88 says:

    Hey Rahuu how do you post actually? Im not good at blogs


  38. Garaltsu88 says:

    Thanks Rahuu! Youre the best

  39. Garaltsu88 says:

    Sorry rahuu i typed in the wrong email. ill send you the right one.

    Thousand apologies,

  40. Garaltsu88 says:

    Rah I wanna re-join because I have a problem with my password. So is that OK Rah?
    I’m not sure if I can do that. E-mail and website I typed in too.


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