About Us


well heres my pic

I am beta but i don’t have the badge  hmmm

im a pro that means i help dinos and make them feel welcome hmm

im a member

and i am a blogosaur hmm what else?

oh yea

A lot of you dinos may think rahuu was my first account on webo but you are wrong. My first account on webo was Rahula here is a pic of his playercard

Heres a pic of him oh yea and i didn’t use the armor glitch i bought the armor cuz he is one of my member accounts ;)

You may be wondering why i didn’t do any battle arena as him and that is because after i made him i decided to make my second account rahu because i liked rexxys more that pterrys so i did that and thats why.



My name is Trodin

I am the owner of this blog along with Rahuu and Chill. I’ve been playing webosaurs since it started and it is the best website I’ve been on. My favourite spot in Webosaurs is the Webo Ridge and i like to play Sand Surfing

Here is a pic of me:

See yea on Webosaurs

– Trodin


Hey Guys Chill here, I own this Blog along with my good friends Rahuu and Trodin.My Favorite Places are Gushing Geyser and my cave. My favorite Games are Sand Surfing ans]d Snowball Skirmish.Im a Beta, Protectosaur and Blogosaur. Heres a pic of me:


15 Responses to About Us

  1. bartyfarty says:

    Rahuu lm also a beta but also didnt get the badge 😦

  2. Goodnick says:

    Yo Rahuu, i am a beta and got the badge. W00t w00t! well also good job as a protectosaur, keep it up! and this is so cool first i didnt know ur a blogosaur :-O 😀 hope to see your beta badge soon and you as a mod :-O lol but also well this is cool hope to see you as rahula soon. 😛

  3. jessafloo says:

    me two srry im nosepick

  4. choo85 says:

    umm what is a beta and wat does a beta badge look like

  5. Great story, bookmarked your website for interest to read more!

  6. This informal article encouraged me very much! Saved the website, very interesting categories everywhere that I see here! I really appreciate the info, thank you.

  7. bluggindino says:

    Rahuu,How do i post on the pages?

  8. bluggindino says:

    OK but atleast post my pic over there!(I dont mind if it takes time.)

  9. choo85 says:

    hey rahuu dude i wana ask u what are all the badges for theres a wooden shield with a w and a molten shield with a w and a metal one

    • Rahuu says:

      the oval badges are from when you beat battle arenas the wood badge means your a non member molten badge means you are a beta blue badge means you are a blogosaur
      gold badge means your a pro m badge means your a mod

  10. Rahuu you added me here but deleted me. I am now Primrygamer and I would like to be a administator again. So,if you add me, please write Primrygamer A.K.A. BartyFarty ok?


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