Findmeosaur Party – Friday

I guess it’s not really a question anymore huh?

We asked, you voted and now umm… we’re telling! Findmeosaur will be making a special guest appearance for multiple games of Find-the-mod on Friday! It’s going to be so much fun, Findmeosaur is REALLY excited. He’s never had his own party before and so this is kind of a big deal for him. Such a big deal in fact that he convinced me to give out trophies to the dinos that find him the most times. As you know we’ll be playing tons of games of Find-the-mod and we’ll also be keeping score of how many times dinos find him. Winners will receive a trophy and recognition as the best tracking dinos on the island. We’ll be kicking off the festivities at the Jurassic Fort, but of course we’ll be all over the island. Rock on!

Where: Jurassic Fort

When: Friday, November 19th – 17:00 WST

Server: Jurassic




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