My New Blog!

Hey guys,

I have made a new blog that is were I will be posting from now on here is the banner.
hope you like it!


My new blog is Webosaurs Rah I won’t be posting here. If you still want to see my posts then go to Webosaurs Rah my new blog, it is my main blog from this moment (Friday November 19 2010). It is a blogspot blog but that means that I can customize it better and make it easier for you to navigate. So make sure to go to it because thats were I will be posting from now on.



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all D.S.A agents…

every thing has ben peace pull on the island but spike is doing somthing mysterios we need some agents to investegate comment on  here if you want to sighn up BE ON THE LOOK OUT!… for all of you who dont know what the dsa is you dident see anything

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Costume party review

it was amazing i loved everyones costume even some people used fossil magic for there costume mine was called supersilver his powers were growing and srinking it was really run and mio moon stretch even came proto came to but it was epic! also i was all like rawr!

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Powerlifting Tourneys Coming

Meet Garaltsu88 for more detailsHeya dinoz! As you know well some of you dont, my favourite game in Webosaurs is Patagonian Powerlifting. So I decided I’ll have a few mini-powerlifting-tourneys around these days. If you meet me ask me to play a game and I’ll surely say YES!!!


Better Practice xD

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Feast Week Cave Contest

Hey gang! I know we just finished our Extreme Weather Cave Contest yesterday, but there were so many great entrants and Horns felt really bad that he couldn’t pick more than four winners SOOOO we’re going to have another Cave Contest already! This week’s theme isFEASTING, if you’re from the US you know that next week is Thanksgiving, but everyone does a whole lot of feasting this time of year and plus, what’s better than feasting? Not much that I can think of. So scurry back into your cave and start cleaning up all that wreckage from all the extreme weather and start tidying up for a feast!

We’ll be taking entries until 11/24, Wednesday of next week, and then, as usual, Horns will be going from cave to cave and picking his favorites. After the great turnout we had last time I know it’s not going to be easy for Horns to pick a winner this time either. I’m so excited to see what everyone comes up with this time, just like last time this theme can be interpreted in a lot of different ways so I bet we’ll see some really creative caves! Woot, can’t wait!!


Well yet another cave contest!




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Findmeosaur Party – Friday

I guess it’s not really a question anymore huh?

We asked, you voted and now umm… we’re telling! Findmeosaur will be making a special guest appearance for multiple games of Find-the-mod on Friday! It’s going to be so much fun, Findmeosaur is REALLY excited. He’s never had his own party before and so this is kind of a big deal for him. Such a big deal in fact that he convinced me to give out trophies to the dinos that find him the most times. As you know we’ll be playing tons of games of Find-the-mod and we’ll also be keeping score of how many times dinos find him. Winners will receive a trophy and recognition as the best tracking dinos on the island. We’ll be kicking off the festivities at the Jurassic Fort, but of course we’ll be all over the island. Rock on!

Where: Jurassic Fort

When: Friday, November 19th – 17:00 WST

Server: Jurassic



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Extreme Weather Cave Contest Winners

WOW! The Extreme Weather Cave Contest is over and we have some winners! Let me begin by saying that this was an amazing Cave Contest, we had over thirty entrants and there were so many great ones it was really hard for Horns to choose. Really, I think all the lightning bolts and tornados threw him off a little bit, he would never admit it, but he looked a little worn out when I saw him! You all really figured out how to express EXTREME WEATHER! Let’s just hope the extreme weather stays away from MIO! Without further ado, the winners!

Member Winner: Rextery1

Member Runner Up: Ignodude

Non-member Winner: Cyclon

Non-member Runner Up: Mucsler

Congrats to our winners and congrats to everyone who entered this Cave Contest, it truly was a great one! Don’t forget that the Webosaurs Comic Contest is still going on and stay tuned for another Cave Contest coming soon. See you soon!



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